"We will not rest until they can rest"

Stephen Lewis and Ilana Landsberg-Lewis thank members of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign for their tireless efforts over the last decade.



  • We are a grassroots organization who work locally to help the women and children in Africa through the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
  • G-Moms of Port Perry have raised to date over $327,000 for the Stephen Lewis Grandmother to Grandmother Campaign.
  • We work hard to raise awareness and money so that Grandmothers in Africa can become self-sufficient and children can eat and go to school. 
  • One of the proudest achievements is that our group was able to send two representatives  to Africa to see how the Steven Lewis Foundation really works. This has had a profound effectbringingnew energy and awareness to the group.
  • Dedication, Understanding, Acceptance, Inclusion and Celebration are key to the success of our group. This is  combined with cohesive team work and dedication to the foundation and to each other.

Meetings & Events

  • We meet monthly at the Port Perry Villa at 7pm. We are open to new ideas and welcome all thoughts. We organize various events to raise money and awareness.


Join .

  • We welcome all Grand-mothers and Grand-others to join. We appreciate whatever time and energy you have to offer but also understand that there are times when you cannot be as involved.

Contact us to join.