• Mount Zion Community Hall (map)
  • 4230 Salem Road
  • Pickering, ON, L0C 1A0
  • Canada


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The authors of In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson, Jim and Sue Waddington, will discuss some of the 600 painting sites they have discovered and compare them with corresponding art works.  They have been tracking the Group of Seven sites since the 1970's and every search required different solutions, as the Group members did not keep detailed records.  The couple live in Hamilton and have spoken about their quest and their book around Ontario.  They will discuss how they found the painting sites and what they learned about the artists.

There will be a second speaker, Angie Littlefield, a local author who has researched and spoken widely about the life and times of Tom Thompson and is the author of:  Tom Thompson's Fine Kettle of Friends: biography, history, art and food.  Her research will also be reflected in setting the atmosphere for this event by capturing the feeling of a 1900's picnic.

This very Canadian literary event will be held at the Mount Zion Community Hall, a venue that was once a country school and is nestled in local rural fields.  Box lunches, in the style of the era, are included in the cost of the ticket, $25.

There will also be interesting items available, such as 'special culinary box lunches', vintage picnic basket, painted paddle, vintage dress, books donated by Angie Littlefield, and more.