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Save The Date:  Saturday April 14th


Mental Wellness:  A Journey of Healing

We are very fortunate to have three keynote speakers this year who will focus on the mental well-being of children and youth.

These three extremely qualified mental health professionals will share their expertise and stories with us.

Allison Potts:

Allison is a clinical social worker with 25 years experience in the field of mental health and addictions.  She is an advocate for a public health approach to mental health that breaks down the stigma surrounding mental illness and provides accessible, inclusive, recovery-oriented treatment options.

John Dick:

John is the coordinator of the Patient Council at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.  John is a former consumer of the mental health system and has been a public speaker for the past 15 years with the "Talking About Mental Illness" program (TAMI).

Heather Hawco-Gray:

Heather has been a Youth Counsellor with the Durham District School Board for the last 27 years.  She has chaired the TAMI committee since 2014 and has witnessed the positive impact on students, families, staff and the entire community.